Painting Workshops.
Painting sessions in Guisborough, Danby Moors Centre and Great Ayton Discovery Centre.
To book please contact me to reserve your place.
telephone       +44 (0) 1287 610083
                                   07472 995644
I have been running painting workshops since January 2011. These workshops  focus on using acrylic paint.
Acrylic is a forgiving medium suitable for complete beginners and for those  with more experience wishing to develop their skills.

These workshops aim to be a practical hands on experience, and hopefully fun. You can walk away with you own painting.
All abilities are welcome to attend. You will be welcome to paint whatever subject matter you please. You can work from your own sketches and/or photographs. I can supply a selection of photographs if required, as well as some objects for still life.
I will also demonstrate some of the painting methods I employ.
There will also be a break for refreshments, tea, coffee and biscuits.
Dates for workshops as follows, also dates for Danby Lodge, Moors Centre.
Galley Hill Leisure Centre.                                                                          Danby Moors Centre
10 places per workshop.                                                                               8 places per workshop.
                                                                                                  Sunday 21st October 2018 10.30 am - 4.30 pm
Saturday 27th October  2018                           12noon - 4pm
Friday 2nd November  2018                             12noon - 4pm
Saturday 3rd November  2018                         12noon - 4pm
Saturday 24th November  2018                        12noon - 4pm
Friday 7th  December 2018                              12noon - 4pm
Saturday 8th  December 2018                          12noon - 4pm
Friday 11th  January 2019                                12noon - 4pm
Saturday 12th January 2019                             12noon - 4pm
Saturday 26th January 2019                             12noon - 4pm
Friday 8th February 2019                                  12noon - 4pm
Saturday 9th February 2019                              12noon - 4pm
Saturday 23rd February 2019                            12noon - 4pm
Saturday 9th March 2019                                   12noon - 4pm
Friday 15th March 2019                                     12noon - 4pm
Saturday 16th March 2019                                 12noon - 4pm
Friday 29th March 2019                                     12noon - 4pm
Saturday 30th March 2019                                 12noon - 4pm
Saturday 6th April 2019                                      12noon - 4pm
Friday 26th April 2019                                        12noon - 4pm    
Saturday 27th April 2019                                    12noon - 4pm
Friday 10th May 2019                                         12noon - 4pm
Saturday 11th May 2019                                     12noon - 4pm
Saturday 18th May 2019                                     12noon - 4pm
At                                                                                                                             At 
Galley Hill Farm Leisure Centre                                                      The Moors National Park Centre                                            
Kestrel Hide                                                                                Lodge Lane, Danby, Whitby YO21 2NB                                                                    
Galley Hill                                                                                            
TS14 8PF                                                                                            
Cost per person per session      £20.00                                Cost per person per session      £45.00
including canvas/board and use of materials.                       including canvas/board and use of materials.
All you need is yourself.                                                        Also refreshments and  lunch.
                                                                                              Please book direct with  the National Park on 01439 772737
To book please contact me to reserve your place.
telephone       +44 (0) 1287 610083
                                   07472 995644
See below for details of painting workshops in Great Ayton. Ignore date on poster. All 12noon til 4pm. Please contact Great Ayton Discovery Centre direct to book, tel 01642 723268
Next one on Monday Monday 19th November 2018
Then , following dates in 2019
Monday 14th January 2019
Monday 11th February 2019
Monday 11th March 2019
Monday 1st April 2019
Monday 13th May 2019
Monday 10th June 2019
Art Workshop Flier 2017 Nov 27
To book please contact me to reserve your place.
telephone       +44 (0) 1287 610083
                                   07472 995644


Thank you.